NEW Steamers in 5

In 2009, the Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. added a 30,000-cubic-foot cold storage freezer to its processing plant, expanding its product line to include the all-new Steamers in 5.

Now with Goose Point Steamers in 5 you can enjoy a mouth-watering pot of tender, succulent, sweet, baby-sized steamer clams any time of the year, after just five minutes in your microwave.

Our special package combines our signature spices with the clams’ nectars to produce a gourmet dipping sauce that transports you to the sandy beaches overlooking a seaside sunset, without the sand between your toes. So, grab some crusty bread and fire up the microwave. Steamers in 5 makes a great party fare, a wonderful appetizer for two, or a pleasing dinner for one.

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