NEW Steamers in 5

In 2009, the Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. added a 30,000-cubic-foot cold storage freezer to its processing plant, expanding its product line to include the all-new Steamers in 5.

Now with Goose Point Steamers in 5 you can enjoy a mouth-watering pot of tender, succulent, sweet, baby-sized steamer clams any time of the year, after just five minutes in your microwave.

Our special package combines our signature spices with the clams’ nectars to produce a gourmet dipping sauce that transports you to the sandy beaches overlooking a seaside sunset, without the sand between your toes. So, grab some crusty bread and fire up the microwave. Steamers in 5 makes a great party fare, a wonderful appetizer for two, or a pleasing dinner for one.

Even Fresher Under Pressure

The Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. is working with the Oregon State University Seafood Laboratory to continue to develop more Fresher Under Pressure oyster products. Stay tuned, we intend to stay on the forefront of technological advances in the shellfish industry to maintain the quality and safety of our oyster products.

A warm welcome to the NANCY N.

The Nisbet Oyster Co., Inc. welcomed the NANCY N., a new oyster dredge, to the company’s 500-acre family farm. The project began in June of 2008 at J&H Boatworks, Inc. in Astoria, OR. Owner David Nisbet designed the NANCY N. based on Nisbet Oysters Co., Inc.’s traditional 1941 wood dredge the STANVIC. The new dredge is composed of a sturdy steel hull, stainless still decks and an aluminum wheel house with hydraulic winches and galvanized steel rigging for mechanically harvesting oysters off the bay floor and lifting tubs of fresh oysters. She is 45 feet long and 17 feet wide with a 350 horsepower, 6-cylinder diesel Isuzu motor that turns a 34-inch propeller. The NANCY N. is also equipped with a KEW generator for powering lights as well as a refrigerator and microwave oven. The new dredge will assist the STANVIC in seed operations; transplanting, harvesting and distributing the best tasting oysters in the Pacific Northwest directly to you from Goose Point’s Family Farm & Cannery.